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1960 Fender Champ Amp and Steel Set

Steel serial # 6260, Amp serial # C12446, amp and speaker production code JA (January, 1960), capacitors, tubes, and pot all dated late 1959. Steel pots dated early 1960.

A one owner, completely original Fender Champ Steel and amp set. Another local find, and a gorgeous set. No modifications other than that the cloth insulation of the speaker leads were cut (not the wire, itself; and we can't tell you why). The amp has never been serviced and works beautifully, with creamy drive and excellent volume. Tweed is in excellent condition, as are the grill cloth and handle. The Steel is also in excellent and original condition. There is a bit of flaking on the bridge cover and light wear on the body edges. Brown Tolex case is in similar condition.

Original patch cord, steel, and picks.

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