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1932 Dobro Model 27 Cyclops

No Serial number. A California built Dobro Cyclops with great looks and excellent tone, at an attractive price. Completely refinished a very long time ago, the guitar has aged beautifully; the combination of tarnished metal and the old brushed-on varnish finish gives the guitar a nautical antique look. Unbound birch body, no soundwell, single soundhole (hence the collector-term 'Cyclops'), rosewood fretboard with original frets, original coverplate, tailpiece, short-armed spider. 1940's Kluson tuners, recent cone, new maple bridge saddles. Repaired top-crack by tailpiece, unrepaired side/top separations on both lower bouts. Round neck, but set up to play Hawaiian with nut riser and high action. With some set-up a standard Spanish style set-up is achievable.
The guitar plays well and rattle-free currently. The unrepaired (but ancient and apparently quite stable) top/side seams render this Dobro an AS-IS offering, but we see no reason for further repairs. Use it, play it, and enjoy it -- it's quite a lovely instrument.
With chipboard case.

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