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1940 National Collegian

Serial # 383G. Built in fairly limited numbers in the late 1930's and early '40's, the Collegian was National's least expensive model. Its yellow paint finish and simple coverplate differentiated the model from the pricier Duolians, but the instruments are otherwise pretty much the same. Seventy years later, with aged yellow paint and just the right amount of wear, we'd reckon that this Collegian has one up on most any Duolian! Steel body, 14 fret maple neck, paddle headstock with metal shield logo. Original finish throughout, original cone and biscuit, frets, and tailpiece. 1960's era tuning machines, new maple saddle installed by our shop. Typically beefy V-carved neck with a nut width of 1-3/4", and stap-pin added to the base of the heel. Light wear to the first frets, perfect neck relief, action of 4/32's across all strings at the 12th fret. Excellent tone and hybrid slide/Spanish action. With newer hardshell case

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