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1995 John Zeidler Koa Cutaway Flattop

John Zeidler was at the top of his game when he was prematurely taken from the world in 2002. A focused craftsman with an incredible attention to detail and masterful skills, Zeider was primarily involved in archtop construction, but made his fair share of flat tops and mandolins. His workmanship is the stuff of legend, and he wasn’t afraid of tradition to avoid breaking from it. This small jumbo cutaway flattop exemplifies much about what made Zeidler a huge inspiration to so many builders.

The guitar features a 15-3/4” wide body of highly figured koa and Sitka spruce, bound with a unique tortoise-celluloid style 42 trim, and featuring expertly mitered purflings on all sides. The finely layered purflings extend along the fingerboard, up and around the headstock, and continue on the headstock’s back and through to the guitar’s endpin. It really is among the most tastefully trimmed guitar we’ve ever encountered.

The top’s bracing features a unique take on the traditional X-pattern, with floating arms of the X brace supported by a thicker center-section of top anterior of the X. The result is a very balanced and intimate guitar, not so much loud as clear, focused and rich. It’s a remarkable fingerstyle instrument, and an excellent flattop choice for Jazz player with a controlled pick attack. Beyond all that, it’s breathtaking to look at, and quite special to behold.

25.5” scale neck, 1-3/4” nut width, 2-3/16” string spread at the bridge. The neck has a comfortable low C carve and a compound radius fingerboard. Frets are in excellent condition, and the guitar is setup with comfortable low action of 4-6 64ths at 12th fret. There’s a small amount of saddle available for future adjustment, the bridge is full-height and unmodified. Gold Schaller tuning machines, pearl inlays, and K&K pickup. The instrument is in excellent condition and completely original. No repairs apart from a tiny filled ding in the top.

With TKL Deluxe case.

Shipping into the USA?

Sending this guitar to a US address is easy to do, and there are no import fees, taxes, or duties to pay when it arrives. We take care of everything involved in shipping – all you have to do unpackage the instrument when it arrives and play!

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