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c.1939 Weymann Professional

No Serial number. This Weymann Professional started life as a square-neck Hawaiian, but has since been converted for standard style playing with a carved and refinished neck, reset, and angled bridge saddle. It's a really good looking guitar, with a completely satisfying lo-fi bluesy tone, lots of volume and mid-range fullness, and it loves dropped tunings

Likely built by Regal, the guitar features a ladder-braced OM-sized body of figured mahogany and Red spruce, white body bindings and a gorgeous sunburst finish. The neck has a large but comfortable feel, with a soft V carve, 1-7/8" nut width, and thick depth. The top has four long repaired cracks, back and sides are free of any significant issues. Original finish throughout, original bridge, frets, nut, and tuners.

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