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2010 Luis Feu de Mesquita Stradivari Cremona 1688

Canadian luthier Luis Feu de Mesquita first learned his guitar making chops growing up in the south of Spain. In his youth, he spent time modifying his own guitar as well as the guitars of his band mates, and by the time he was 18 he had already built several instruments of his own. A maker of fine classical guitars, Luis recently produced this copy of a 17th Century Antonio Stradivarius creation. Based on 'The Hill' guitar completed by Stradivarius in 1688, it is a beautiful reproduction of a rare Baroque instrument.

The guitar features five courses of paired strings and is tuned ADGBE from low to high like a modern guitar with the 6th string removed. This Baroque recreation definitely looks the part thanks to the gorgeous carved rosette, vine/moustache style bridge and Mechanical planetary geared pegs. Sonically, it is a very unique guitar that projects a 'classical' tone from its nylon strings but has a soft response best suited to a light right hand attack.

Maple back and sides, European spruce top, ebony fingerboard, pearl/ebony sound hole rosette, maple neck, ebony headstock cap, 46mm bone nut and 665mm scale. Intonation compensated bridge design, French poished top, varnished back and sides with traditional 3 piece neck and ice cream cone heel.

A small and very lightly built guitar, its lower bout measures 10-3/4" across and the instrument weighs in at a scant 2lb. 2oz.

With hard shell case

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