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1929 Kay KeyKord Push Button Tenor

A 1920's KeyKord in tip top condition. From the KeyKord instruction manual: "It is the inborn desire of everyone to play some kind of musical instrument, but only a comparative few achieve this wish owing to lack of time for study and practice". Well, thanks to the KeyKord, the bothersome inconveniences of time, study and practice can be circumvented and the player allowed to forge ahead to play old classics found in the accompanying instruction book such as "In the Gloaming" and "Massa's in De Cold Cold Ground".

Built by the Stromberg-Voisinet company (Kay) and sold by The KeyKord Banjo Company of America, the KeyKord might have caught on if (a) they had invented it 10 years earlier at the height of the ukulele craze, and (b) if the depression didn't happen the same year it was introduced; these were not inexpensive gadgets. They are, today, few and far between; and digging one up in this kind of condition is a rare feat. Aside from a very cleanly repaired side-crack by the heel of the neck this instrument is in mint condition. It's just never been used. The original case is in similar shape, and included in the package is an original KeyKord instruction book; again, in excellent shape. This it is about as good a conversation piece as it gets! Lovingly set-up and adjusted by us, this Key Kord actually works properly and in-tune to boot!

With original hardshell case

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