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1981 Guild B-50 Bass

Serial # BA100150. Easily the largest guitar-like thing that's ever resided at Folkway, this Guild bass has more air volume in its box than most bathtubs. At 18" wide by a whopping 6-3/4" deep, this acoustic bass would make Shaquille O'Neal look small. And then there's the hardshell case it comes with� Anyway, if a an acoustic bass with a lot of volume is what you're after, this one may do the trick. It's pickup equipped, too, however we suspect feedback might become a bit of an issue. It's in good shape, overall, but has had a neck-reset and a crack at the edge of the fingerboard repaired. Well set up, and easy to play. If you're 6 feet tall, or more. With original hard shell case Higher than normal shipping costs will apply

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