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1930's Stahl Style

Serial # 83526. A one of a kind Larson-built Stahl, most likely from the early 1930's. The instrument is documented in both editions of Robert Carl Hartman's book "The Larson's Creations". 13.5" wide Concert-sized body of rosewood and White spruce, this guitar features the Larson's laminated X brace - an invention patented in 1904 designed to strengthen the top for steel stringing.

The instrument is quite fancy, with pearl and herringbone bordering the top and soundhole, ivoroid bindings, torch-style headstock inlay and bridge and fingerboard inlays typical of higher-end Larsons. The distinctive pickguards on this guitar are purported to be original to the instrument, but with no way to confirm this we can't say so for certain. Larson pickguards were generally inlaid in the tops of their instruments, while those on this Style 8 are applied to the top, over the finish. There is no question at all that they're old, but how old we really cannot say.

The balance of the guitar is intact and original; from the engraved Waverly tuners to the end pin. We've fitted new slotted bone bridge pins as part of the set up work to this guitar; but will provide the original unslotted pins with the guitar. The bridge saddle slot has been moved for proper intonation, and a new bone saddle fitted. There are a number of old repaired cracks on the back, and a few on the guitar's top. The finish is mostly original, but there is a small touch-up in the upper center of the instrument's back, and we have just recently French-polished sections of the back as well as the area around the top's center-seam. There are no side cracks or neck issues. The guitar's original frets are in fine condition and have ample height, allowing us to set this guitar up with a low fingerstyle action. 1-7/8" wide nut, 2-5/16" bridge string spacing, and 25" scale length. One-piece mahogany neck, round C shaped neck profile, 12" radiused ebony fingerboard.

The tone of this guitar belies its small size; while it doesn't power the bass notes out like a D-28, it does still have warmth in the lower register with trebles that are wonderfully round and fat - making for an exceptional fingerpicker. This guitar is perfectly suited for ragtime to classical, and everything in between.

With original case and key

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