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1981 Oskar Graf Cut Away

We're fortunate to have had a small handful of Oskar Graf's guitars through the store over the years, but we're still always surprised and knocked off our feet when we get our hands on one we've not played before. His guitars are ' without exception ' among the best sounding instruments that exist, bar none; and this 1981 Cut Away is pretty much as good sounding a Graf as we've played.

Indian rosewood and spruce (likely German spruce, by the looks of it), 15' wide cut-away body with flush heel. Carefully mitered purflings, rosewood body bindings, mosaic rosette. Mahogany neck with bound ebony fingerboard, pearl inlays, and slotted headstock. Spanish heel construction, masterful workmanship throughout.

The guitar is in remarkable condition, crack and repair free, and quite un-worn. Finish is perfect, and its playability is spot-on. Rounded V neck profile, 25.5' scale, 1-13/16' nutwidth.

A massively loud and responsive guitar with the ability to handle a very heavy attack, the instrument has a very full fundamental, and a perfect balance between the strings. The magic of a Graf guitar is the instrument's ability to react with a full tonal color to even a light touch, and do so with a piano-like articulation, depth, and bigness. There's nothing else that sounds like it. Basses are big and present, but cleanly defined and anything but muddy, treble strings ring with fullness and roundness reminiscent of a fine classical guitar. This guitar is as close to perfection as is possible, in our humble opinion.

With original hardshell case

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