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2016 Trenier Motif

Bryant Trenier’s Motif Model round-hole acoustic archtop was designed to appeal to fingerstyle players and has the warmth and light touch response that a player with a medium to soft right hand attack might be after in an archtop guitar. To our ears it sounds remarkably good with a heavy rounded flat pick as well, thanks again to those same tonal qualities. While a sensitive and responsive guitar, it is just as much at home played with a controlled strong right hand as it is with bare fingers.

With its 16” body, X bracing and round hole carved top, and its carved mahogany back and side set this guitar was built for intimacy and warmth. It’s has the bass response and overtone development a roundhole archop is expected to, and flat-top players would find themselves at home with the kind of voice this guitar has to offer. That said, it’s nothing like a flat top, but certain of its attributes are reminiscent of a high quality, lightly built and nicely aged guitar.

Cutaway body build with a Tyrolean spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Unbound body with violin-style purflings, and French polish and varnish finish. Mahogany neck with striped ebony fingerboard; ebony headstock overlays, bridge and tailpiece, as well. Gold Waverly tuning machines, zero-fret nut, K+K Trinity System Combination mic/transducer pickup. 1-11/16” nut, 25.25” scale. Low C neck carve, 2-3/16” string spread at the bridge.

The guitar is in excellent condition throughout. The finish is gorgeous and the recurves on the top and back catch the light gracefully. The guitar’s only flaw is what appears to be a minor finish touch-up on the headstock’s face.

With deluxe HSC and K+K preamp.

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