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2006 Oskar Graf C-Model Cutaway

Oskar Graf is, in our not so humble opinion, one of the most gifted luthiers of our time. His instruments are among the most finely constructed in the world, and each offers a quality of tone that speaks volumes to the builder's workmanship. Just as you'll be hard-pressed to find any minute detail of this instrument's construction that's less than stunningly perfect, you'll be hard-pressed to find any element of its tone that isn't at least as jaw-dropping.

The guitar is large enough to be warm, but has a solid rather than mushy bass response. It has focus and punch throughout the midrange and has clear, round and full trebles. The instrument has a piano-like articulation and note separation, amazing sustain, very quick response, and a lovely compliment of overtones, particularly when in a dropped tunings. The instrument's clarity, balance, openness and volume would appeal to most any player, but those who play with an audiophile sensibility and German precision would be particularly tickled by this amazing guitar.

Figured, quarter-sawn ziricote back and sides and master-grade western red cedar top (there's got to be 350 years of growth-rings if you took the time to count). Flush cut-away 12 fret body, short scale neck (24.8"), and 1-7/8" width at the nut. Solid headstock with pearl inlay and gold tuners. Finely made trimmings throughout, with a three ring rosette of half-herringbone and mosaic, multi-colored hound's tooth back strip, and skillfully mitered purflings. Gloss lacquer finish with French polished top.

The guitar shows a few fingernail pock-marks by the pickguard, but has otherwise near-perfect finish. There are a number of cleanly glued cracks in the ziricote back; the top and sides are crack-free.

With deluxe hardshell case

Click HERE for our hi-def video feature of this Graf

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