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c.1967 Harmony H927 Stella

It's not the kind of guitar that usually makes it to our website, but it's also not the kind of guitar that you often come across in such perfect condition and with excellent playability.

We bought this H927 Stella last week from the original owner; it was given to him by his parents in 1968, when he was six. The guitar has survived the years beautifully. It's not cracked or warped in any way, there are no loose or repaired braces, the neck angle is good and the neck is quite straight, the frets are unworn and quite level, and the finish looks excellent. We've set it up, and it's ready to play. Action is very comfortable and easy, and the guitar sounds excellent -- in its small, ladder-braced, all-birch kind of way.

Chuncky soft V neck carve, 24" scale, flat fingerboard.

With original chipboard case

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