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1930's Regal le Domino

The Le Domino family of instruments were built through the late 1920’s and 1930’s. Originally produced by J.R. Stewart in Chicago, the Le Domino models, along with all of Stewart’s other production, were built by Regal by the time this guitar was made in the early 1930’s. Most haven’t survived the years well, and this guitar’s exceptional condition is truly amazing. We’ve never seen a Le Domino guitar in such fine shape.

The Le Dominos are among the most appealing depression-era decorated guitars in many people’s eyes. The black finish and domino decals are both classy and tastefully stylish, and the guitar’s light build and ladder-bracing offer a particularly warm and focused tone. There’s a lot to fall for here.

This example has been beautifully preserved and has survived the years without cracks, damage, or finish wear. It has recently had its neck reset to its original saddle, and a fret dressing to help it play easily with a low fingerstyle action. It’s best suited to players with a light right-hand attack as heavier picking will bring out fret buzz thanks to the low string action and good amount of relief in the neck. We have the guitar set up with 11-50 strings with an action of 4-5.5 64ths at the 12th fret.

Black finished birch body with ladder bracing. Black-painted maple fingerboard and bridge, Domino decal fingerboard markers, rosette, and top decals. Short 24.5” scale neck, 1-7/8” width at the nut, and a softened V neck carve. Original in its entirety, from tuners to endpin.

With original chipboard case

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