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C.1929 S.S. Stewart / Regal No. 2

Regal was commissioned to build instruments by many of the distributors, wholesalers and retailers of the between-the-wars years. It's not uncommon to unearth a guitar today that we had no previous awareness of, as such. A fine example of this is shown here. It's essentially a Regal no. 2, concert sized guitar, but features the S. S. Stewart headstock inlays that are familiar to many of us vintage guitar fans.

The guitar is similar in construction to a Martin 0-18 from the same era. It features mahogany back and sides, X braced spruce top, 12 fret neck joint and slotted headstock. Ebony fingerboard and (replacement) bridge, bone nut and saddle, and bar frets. The top and soundhole are bound in black celluloid bordered by maple and black purflings. The neck has a rounded feel, 24-1/2 scale and a 1-7/8' nut width. String spread at the bridge is 2-3/8. Our jury is out on whether or not the pickguard is original issue to the guitar. If it's not, it was installed very soon after the guitar was built, as there is no playwear beneath it, and the finish it's hiding is lighter in color.

The guitar is in very good condition. There are a few repaired cracks that are hard to find, the bridge is an older replacement, and the finish it original throughout. Various braces have been nicely reglued, there is finish damage around the bridge, and there remain 3 plugged holes near the endpin from where a tailpiece once was mounted. The tuners, nut, and frets are all original. Frets are dressed well, and the guitar plays well. Action is set at 5-7 64ths with light strings.

With a darker, smokier and more lo-fi voice than a Martin 0-18, this Regal-built Stewart is more tuned in to ragtime than expressive melodic playing. It does best with a medium to hard attack, and has a fun punchy midrange that's perfect for old-time playing.

With non-original case.

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