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NOS 2016 Martin OM-28 Lefty

We humorously have recently discovered this guitar during a website inventory; It’s a brand-new 2016 Martin OM-28 Lefty that’s been here at Folkway for a few years. It’s designed with previous OM-28 features, which allows us to sale-price it well below current MAP for this model. Nearly identical to the current OM-28, this 2016 model has a pre-war style zigzag back strip and 30’s style ebony bridge with non-slanted pin orientation. The other features are exactly the same as a brand new example.

The guitar is in perfect condition and nicely set-up. The top has darkened a little bit from time and looks great. Tone is all OM-28, and it’s had a few years to develop and open up. It’s a bold, warm and balanced rosewood OM. Excellent at both fingerstyle and flatpicking.

Full Martin warranty included as this guitar is still technically brand new.

With original hardshell case

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