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1933 Martin T-17 Tiple

Serial # 53476. The Martin Tiple was first produced in 1919 in response to player demands during the ukulele craze of the last century. The T-17 wasn't cataloged until a few years later, but sold steadily in lowish numbers through the 1930's. In 1933, 50 of this model were built.

Sized similarly to a Tenor ukulele but with deeper sides, the Martin Tiple is strung with ten steel strings arranged in four courses. There are a number of accepted Tiple tunings used, and ours has been set up tuned as a ukulele, with strings G-C-E-A. The instrument is surprisingly fun and easy to play, despite needing to hold down three strings with one finger!

Completely original and in excellent condition, the Tiple has survived the years particularly well. There is one small, tight, repaired side crack, but no other issues. Tuning machines work well, and the instrument is well set-up. 17' scale, 1.5' wide at the nut, 9' wide body, 3-5/8' deep at the endpin.

With original chipboard case

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