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1935 Martin 0-17

Serial # 60253. An exceptionally fine sounding, crack and repair-free Martin 0-17 from one of the company's best years. Perfectly quartersawn mahogany body, full height original bridge, original frets, tuners, nut and saddle, and original finish throughout. The guitar's new Antique Acoustic bridge pins and one tuning machine post are its only non-original parts.

The instrument is amazingly playable despite never having had its neck reset. Its action is set at 4-7 64ths with pretty much no saddle height left to work with without modifying the otherwise perfectly original bridge.

The 1935 neck carve is about as comfortable as is possible. It features a fairly rounded low C profile in the first position, changing to a very subtly hulled V up the neck. Scale is 24.9", nut width is 1-3/4".

0-17 fans will find this a particularly good sounding example, with a well developed bass response, complex overtones and decay, and a strong, dry fundamental. An excellent sounding guitar; the fact that it's small and light is a bonus!

With chipboard case

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