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1950 Martin 000-28 Lefty

Serial # 113461. Is there a lefty out there who doesn't completely want this guitar?! It's a Brazilian rosewood 000-28, factory lefty, in near-mint condition, completely playable, and completely original. It sounds every bit as good as its price tag suggests, and is impossible to put down. Fingerstyle or flatpick - both are magical with this guitar. The treble notes are round and full right up the neck, nothing thin going on here; the mids are airy and open and the guitar resonates incredibly well. You'll definitely want to keep the guitar's back off your belly to get every molecule of tone out of the soundhole. Drop D tuning is a particularly special affair. It pretty much doesn't get any better than this for all of us lefties. And the condition - amazing to think that this guitar is 60 years old. Sitka spruce top and perfectly straight Brazilian rosewood back and sides, original first-year Kluson no-hole Pat. Appl'd For tuning machines, original nut, frets, saddle and finish. The bridge pins and end pin are newer, but nothing else has been altered. Previously celebrity owned (we've been told), this guitar has had a small back crack repaired by Tj Thompson, and we suspect the neck was reset by him as well - the workmanship is flawless. A 1" crack along the treble side of the fingerboard was hide-glued in our shop and seems to be a non-issue, the pickugard and associated cracks were left unaltered. There are no internal repairs, the bridge and bridge plate are perfect, the finish is unworn, and the original frets are perfect. The guitar is set up with very light action and plays incredibly easily. A heavier attack will bring the buzzes out, but we would be happy to set up the guitar with higher action at the buyer's request. Essentially, this guitar is gem in every way. Its rarity is obvious, its tone is beguiling, its condition is incredible, and its playability is perfect. An investment and a pleasure. With original hardshell case

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