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1933 Martin 0-17

Serial # 55754. A better blues box we've not seen a good while. This guitar has the clang and bang that a heavy fingerstyle blues and rag player would love, coupled with bigness and headroom a'plenty. It's a very lightly built guitar, with finely scalloped braces, a tiny bridge plate, and ebony neck reinforcement (rather than a steel T-bar). The fundamentals are strong and clear, overtones are present but not overwhelming, and the string-feel is very hoppy and responsive. Add to the mix the guitar's remarkably easy-feeling '33 neck profile, and you've got a brilliant fingerstyle box.

One top crack at the lower treble bout, 3" long, stemming from the edge of the guitar. There is a minor puncture wound on the side of the guitar, just below this top crack, that we've opted to leave unrepaired, and a few small and tight side cracks which all seem to have been nicely repaired in the distant past. The neck has been reset, and the action measures 5 to 8 64ths at the 12th fret with enough saddle left above the bridge to lower further if desired. Original bar frets are in good working order, but there are a few slightly buzzy spots up past the 7th fret. Finish is original throughout, well worn on the neck, but fairly nice otherwise. Original Grover tuners work well and have never been off the guitar. Apart from a Henkes and Blazer reproduction endpin, the guitar is 100% original.

With original chipboard case

Now $2999 (was $3299)

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