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1958 Martin 0-15

Serial # 161134. It's unanimous among Folkway staff -- this is a great guitar. Lots of depth the sound, excellent balance, strong trebles and present through the mids. It's a loud guitar that comes alive under single note flatpicked runs or a moderate fingerstyle attack, and has a maturity and warmth that's surprising of a late 50's 0-15 in such fine condition.

A completely original guitar that shows very little use, and no alteration but for a new bone saddle. Original bridge pins are fresh and very lightly worn, frets are perfect, nut has never been out, and the finish is gorgeous. The guitar's only real flaws are a pair of minor impact wounds on the bass side (repaired), and a few minor scratches. The bridge and pickguard were reglued by our shop a few years back, and the set up is quite comfortable, with action of 5 to 7 64ths. No cracks or brace repairs, original neck angle, full thickness bridge, moderate saddle height left for future adjustments.

Fairly round C-shaped neck carve with a full feel, 24.9" scale and 1-11/16" nut width. An easy guitar to sit and play, lightweight, resonant, and rich.

Original bill of sale still in the original chipboard case (bought in Montreal on December 22nd 1958).

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