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1934 Martin 000-28 Long Scale

Serial # 55634. Martin's OM models were built between 1929 and 1933, but the transition from the long scale OM to the short scale 000 wasn't cut and dry. About half of the models stamped 000 that were built in 1934 feature the long scale length and bridge position of the OMs. By midway through that year, though, the 000-28's scale would be shortened to 24.9". It would be another fifty or so years before Martin produced another 000 sized guitar with a long scale.

Despite its long history and some significant repairs, this 000-28 sounds quite spectacular. Its lightly built body resonates from every surface, offering up a tone that is harmonically rich, balanced, and powerful. These instruments define versatility, and the 000-28 is an equally inspiring flatpicker as it is a fingerstyle guitar. The neck feels glorious; the set up is just right, and the bar frets have a nice, tall feel - just as you'd want them to.

Keen eyes will notice the post-war style 28 back strip, which suggests that the guitar's back was replaced at the factory. We suspect that this was done in the 1950's based on the look of the rosewood, the carve of the braces, and brand stamp on the back center graft. The guitar has since been extensively restored. Bridge and plate were replaced, top was restored under the bridge, various cracks were repaired and braces reglued, and the neck reset. The finish appears to be mostly original to the 1950's factory work, with touchups to the repaired areas; the top thickness measures out to factory spec. The most recent work done to the guitar was a refret by TJ Thompson, and a new bridgeplate by our shop. Previous restoration was completed by Jim Weaver in 2005. Excellent top arch with no bellying, original tuners, bridge pins, and possibly the nut. The neck has a rounded V rear profile, 25.4" scale, and 1-3/4" nut.

A wonderful playing and sounding OM scale 000-28.

With original hardshell case, and modern Martin hardshell case.

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