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1964 Martin 0-18T

This 0-18T sold in-store the day we were photographing it for our website. Sorry. We have the photos though, and figured you'd enjoy seeing them anyway. The Martin tenor was new-old-stock -- built in 1964 and never sold. We obtained it from a fellow who once owned a music store; he squirreled away a number of instruments back in the day, hoping they'd be worth something more in the future. Smart guy, huh? Unfortunately, though, he stored them with strings at full tension, and the guitar (as well as the two others we purchased from him) desperately needed a neck reset. He couldn't stop the pickguard from shrinking, either; so we repaired the pickguard crack, reglued the guard, reset the neck to the original saddle's height, and set up the guitar. Pretty cool thing.

Enjoy the photos!

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