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1937 Martin 00-17

Serial # 65224. The combination of this guitar's 00-sized body, lightly built scalloped braced mahogany top, and larger mid 1930's neck make for a particularly magical playing experience. It's no secret that we're devoted fans of mahogany topped guitars; but, for good reasons, we're finding ourselves extra-smitten with this wonderful prewar Martin. The guitar has depth and character, bold response across the strings, delightful echoes and overtones, and a snappy and present bass. It has a wonderfully comfortable neck, and does a great job of obscuring the line between big and small guitars.

A beautiful example, the guitar has survived the years exceptionally well. It is crack-free, and shows very little finish wear. No significant repairs other than an older well-done neck reset and a slightly shaved bridge. Action and set-up are spot on thanks to our repair shop, measuring a standard 5 to 7 64ths. That's really as low as the current bridge height will allow it to go. Original tuners are on the guitar, but there is faint evidence that they were at one point replaced. No modifications to the holes, however a keen eye will see very minor chipping adjacent to the headstock bushings. Recent professional refret, original finish throughout. Modern neck feel with C carve, 1-3/4" nut width. 24.9" scale.

A big sounding smaller guitar, the 00-17 has a dry punch with the note separation and articulation Mahogany topped guitars are known for. 'Open' is a very good descriptor for this guitar, and single notes have a strong and defined fundamental with a long decay. A remarkable instrument.

With newer hardhshell case

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