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1975 Martin D-35 Shade-Top

Serial # 366201. A rare 1970's shade-top D-35 in excellent condition. We truly wish Martin would have made more Shaded top (aka Sunburst) guitars, but the fact that they are so few and far between makes them that much more exciting. This one is a crack-free 35 year old gem, with a great set-up and classic big and warm D-35 tone.

Three-piece rosewood back and sides, spruce top, bound ebony fingerboard. Fret dress, new bone nut, set-up, and bridge-plate-patch by our shop; no other repairs or modifications, other than a set of upgraded bone bridge pins, and an endpin hole that has been enlarged to fit a pickup jack. There's no pickup in the guitar now, though.

The guitar has a good neck angle, which allows a low action with a little bit of saddle height left above the bridge for future adjustment. Original Grover Rotomatics work well, no repaired or reglued braces, and very little finish wear. 25.4" scale. 1-11/16" nut width.

With original blue thermoplastic case

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