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1987 Martin D-41

Serial # 475980. Here's a pearl-bound Martin that looks old in all the right ways, sounds like a million bucks, plays nicely, and does it all at a relatively budget-minded price. Oh and it's an '87 D-41, which means that it's built with some extra-dandy vintage features: Scalloped-braced top, small maple bridge plate, tortoise pickguard, Pearl Hexagon fingerboard inlays and Style 45 headstock, and some of the most Brazilian-rosewood-looking Indian rosewood we've ever seen.

What's the catch then, right? Well, the guitar arrived at the shop with a previously repaired side crack that extended across the bottom of the guitar, and a couple of old repaired top cracks. We've gone and re-repaired the side crack to the point of near-invisibility, and it looks great. We've also glued a pair of minor back cracks, and have carefully set up the guitar. It's in perfect working order now, needs no further TLC, and plays beautifully.

So, if you're after a great-looking player's pearly Martin with a well-aged, opened up voice, great action, and a good vibe, this might be the perfect candidate.

A few other notes on this D-41: Frets were replaced by us a few years back and show little wear, neck angle is good, action is set at 5-6 64ths at the 12th fret and there's about 3/32" of saddle left for future adjustments. LR Baggs Element Active pickup has been professionally installed. Original finish throughout, nicely worn-in. low-oval neck with nut width of 1-11/16". Built about 1.4 million Martins ago.

With original black thermoplastic case

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