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1973 Martin 0-16NY

Serial #322734. The New Yorker models were introduced by Martin in 1961, and aimed to appeal to the folk musicians who were buying up old 12 fret "New York" Martins. The company's early guitars were stamped C.F. Martin New York, or later C.F. Martin & Co, New York. It wasn't until 1898 that the instruments made in Nazareth were labeled with the town's name. In effect, with the introduction of the New Yorker series, Martin released their very first vintage reissues.

The 0-16NY sold well, and remained in production into the early 1990's -- although the model's heyday was the period between 1961 and 1976. Through the 1970's many feel that the 0-16NY was the best instrument Martin was building. It was lightly made, and sounded excellent.

This 1973 example is an exceptionally good sounding guitar; thanks, in part, to a much smaller 1960's sized maple bridgeplate that we installed. We've reset the neck, and installed a new full height bone saddle as well. It's in beautiful condition, and looks perfect. We've spliced a short center seam separation right under the bridge, reglued the original bridge with hide glue, and very lightly oversprayed the top with matching satin-finish lacquer. The finish work is undetectable, and was done to correct someone's failed effort to gloss-up the top. Original frets show no wear at all, the original ivory nut has been replaced with bone, and the Waverly tuning machines are shiny-perfect. The guitar is truly in exceptional condition. It's crack-free, and almost unused.

The guitar has an aged, open, and woody voice; very warm through the midrange, and fairly expansive in the low end. With its light build, small Indian rosewood bridge, and small hide-glued bridge plate this guitar sounds a whole lot more 1920's than it does 1970's.

Round neck carve with a nut width that's a touch smaller than 1-7/8". String spread at the bridge is a roomy 2-5/16", and the scale length is 24.9".

With its original blue thermoplastic Martin hardshell case, this 0-16NY is a very attractive package.

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