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1969 Martin D-28

Martin discontinued the use of Brazilian Rosewood as a back and side wood on style 28 guitars in 1969, soon after this particular guitar was built. Guitar-sized rosewood of quality was getting harder to get by that time, which is what precipitated the switch to Indian rosewood. Some of these end-of-the-run Brazilian rosewood Martins feature incredible woods as the company was using up their supply of rosewood – even their best stuff that might have otherwise be destined for a style 45 guitar. This D-28 features some of this style 45 calibre rosewood; and it’s some seriously attractive Brazilian.

A remarkably beautiful guitar, this D-28 features quarter-sawn figured rosewood, a Sitka spruce top, ebony board and bridge, and Grover tuners. It has a repaired headstock crack and a repaired 5” long side crack; beyond that, it had its neck reset and pickguard replaced here at Folkway about 15 or so years ago. Playability is excellent, and all the repairs are well done. Finish is original everywhere, bridge is full-height, and tuners and pins are original. It has an older K+K pickup mounted to its bridgeplate and a strap-button added to its neck heel.

A very fine sounding guitar with a lovely dry articulation and excellent balance.Lots of volume for flat-picking, and plenty of character for solo playing too. While it’s one many folks might consider for a pre-war conversion, it’s a guitar that’s good to go as it sits, and a Brazilian D-28 that can be had at a manageable price.

With original hardshell case

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