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1966 Martin GT-75 Electric

Serial # 215330. Martin doesn't get due credit for the electric guitars the company produced in the 1960's. Their hollowbody F and GT series instruments are by and large excellent playing guitars with phenomenal tone. Sure, their styling might seem slightly confused in its identity, but a Telecaster sure looked weird in 1949 too, but we got used to it.

With its fully hollow body construction, amazing sounding DeArmond Dynasonic pickups and Martin/Bigsby tailpiece, the GT-75 is as Gretsch-y as many a Gretsch. But, thanks to Martin's way better craftsmanship, the GT-75 plays without the idiosyncrasies that plague so many Gretschs. The neck feels excellent, the fretwork is high-quality, the instrument gets in tune, plays in tune, and stays in tune, and the electronics are Gibson-simple. The GT-75 was built between 1965 and 1967 though, so they're not the easiest things to come by.

Laminate maple thin hollow body, 16" wide, bolt-on mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard. Adjustable truss rod (unlike acoustic Martins built before 1985), Kluson tuners, aluminum Bigsby bridge, three-way switching, and volume/tone controls for each pickup. Fender-like neck feel with a nutwidth of 1-5/8", 24.9" scale length.

The guitar is in very good condition with not much finish wear, and the metal parts are quite shiny still. First 4 frets replaced and a full set up by our shop, and the guitar is original but for the spring in the Bigsby. Fine crack in the Bigsby's tailpiece hanger, minor binding separation on the back's treble-side waist, otherwise a perfectly gorgeous guitar.

With newer hardshell case

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