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1958 Martin 00-17

A beautifully original, late 1950’s Martin 00-17 in excellent condition. No repairs or changed parts, great action with original neckset, very little wear to the finish and frets, and fabulous mahogany 00 tone. The guitar has original finish throughout, and is fitted with its original frets, nut, tuners, bridge, saddle, and pins. With its easy playing action, great feeling neck carve, and comfortable 00-sized body the guitar is fun to play. It’s got a dry and warm old mahogany tone that’s more mellow than pushy, and sounds great with fingers or a pick.

Original full-height bridge with unworn pins and original saddle. Action is set at 3/32 across the 12th fret, and there’s room left on the saddle to drop it further if desired. No top or back cracks, and just a few very short and minor side cracks as are typical of older mahogany Martins.

Low modified V neck carve feels compact in the hand, 1-11/16” width at the nut. 24.9” scale, 2-1/8” string spread at the bridge.

With original chipboard case

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