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1952 Martin 00-17

With tapered X bracing, small bridge and bridge plate, and aged dry mahogany, this early 1950’s Martin 00-17 is a lively, full, and well developed guitar. The 00-17 is the larger of the two all-mahogany guitars Martin was making in the 1950s, and it has a bigger, louder, and warmer voice than its little sister, the 0-15. A popular model among fingerstyle players, the 00-17 is a well-behaved guitar that’s easy to control and has a strong fundamental with plenty of dryness in its tone. It’s a rather fun guitar to play.

00-sized body with mahogany top, back, and sides, X bracing, and small rosewood bridge. Short scale neck with rosewood fingerboard, ivoroid dot inlays, and ebony nut; 1-11/16” nut width, C-shaped neck, and 2-1/8” spacing at the bridge. No cracks, but there is a small side repair and associated finish repair that’s nicely hidden from view on the treble side of the guitar’s lower bout. Neck reset, recent frets, new bone saddle, and modern Antique Acoustic bridge pins. Playability is perfect, with an easy playing action of 5-6 64ths and a straight neck. Original Kluson tuners work very well; original nut, pickguard, and bridge.

With original chipboard case

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