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1952 Martin 5-18

Serial # 124198. The small but mighty 5-18 was built through nearly one hundred years, although the 1950's saw the bulk of the model's production. At a scant 11-1/4" wide, the 12 fret, 21.3" scale guitar was the perfect traveler, and the perfect child's size guitar; and during the folk boom it was a good seller.

Otherwise knows as a Terz, German for 'third', the small guitar is generally tuned a minor third up from standard pitch (the low string is a G) with standard gauge strings.

Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and standard style 18 trim. Neck reset, new saddle, repaired pickguard crack and top center-seam by our shop a couple of years back. We needed to look up the repair work order to determine if we had replaced the bridge and bridge plate -- we couldn't tell. They look completely original, even to the repairperson who did the work, it turns out!

1-5/8" nut, round neck. Orignal tuners, nut, finish, bridgepins. A lovely guitar, with a great vibe and perfect playability.

With original chipboard case

Reduced from $2799

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