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1946 Martin D-28 Herringbone

Serial # 97222. A strong and powerful post-war herringbone D-28 with clear mid-range and bass response, excellent note to note separation and banjo-beating cut. It's a top-notch bluegrass lead guitar with tremendous fundamental presence, and a quick feel.

A late Herringbone, completed in 1946,with straight-braced Sitka spruce top. Along with the herringbone top trim and zig-zag back strip, this particular D-28 also features wartime-era ebony neck reinforcement and Waverly "arrowhead" tuning machines. Its neck has a deeper carve than what was normal for that era, and a comfortably full feel -- particularly given the guitar's 1-11/16" nutwidth.

The guitar is nearly crack-free and in very good shape. It has had its neck reset somewhat recently, and its frets and nut were just replaced by us. Saddle is full height, and action is 5-7 64ths with medium strings. Original bridge and bridge plate, tuners, and finish. New Antique Acoustic bridge pins and endpin. The bridge plate appears to have previously had a cap glued overtop of it; the surface of the original plate is scratched, and there is old hide glue residue remaining the underside of the top.

The top has a repaired pickguard crack and a second small repaired crack at the bottom of the lower bout. The back and sides are crack-free, however there is a small plugged hole in the side (near the neck) where a strap button was once installed, and a localized finished repair. The bridge was once reglued, and the fingerboard was somewhat thinned at the nut-end during a previous refret. The neck's extra thickness ensures an excellent left-hand feel despite the slightly thinned board.

The guitar has a well-developed patina and very thin original finish. There is light belt-wear on the back and minor play-wear around the soundhole and below the pickguard. The neck finish is well worn. A well played Herringbone, the guitar has developed the kind of tone that a lifetime of service brings out. A D-28 that's quite similar to Dan Tyminski's famous '46, but without all the modifications!

With hardshell case

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