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1942 Martin 0-15

Serial # 81222. The pick of the litter when it comes to small-body mahogany tone, this 0-15 has an alluring sonic range with expressive and warm basses and big, meaty trebles. It's strong, lively, and powerful; with open mids and the wonderful combination of volume and subtlety.

Sounds pretty good already, huh? Well it's also one of the finest looking 0-15's we've come across. It's absolutely original -- saddle, pins, tuners, nut… everything; it is entirely crack-free and has not seen any repairs other than one very small brace crack glue-up. There is no pickguard crack, the bridge has never been reglued, and the neck has not been set. Add to that the ultra-cool tortoise celluloid headstock overlay, original Waverly three-on-a-plate tuning machines, and original case and you've got an instrument that's right up at the top of its pile.

Set up by us, the only flaw we can note is that the saddle is nearly at the bottom of its range. The guitar plays with action just a bit proud of 5 to 7 64ths, which some will feel is too high.

Very little fret wear, all mahogany construction, scalloped bracing, 24.9" scale round, deep profile neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, ebony nut, and 1-21/32" nut width. There is shallow buckle impressions on the guitars back, and small dents here and there, but no badly worn finish, pickwear, or scratches.

This guitar proves that even the Martin models that were at the bottom of the pricelist back in the 1940's are worth getting very excited about.

With original chipboard case

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