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1936 Martin 000-18

Serial # 64135. With its heavily worn finish, recent neck reset and refret, beautiful tone and budget pricetag, this 1930's 000-18 is the perfect guitar for someone looking for a great-sounding pre-war Martin that's not going to break the bank. This guitar has been played, and then played some more over the last 80 or so years, and has the feel, looks, and tone that only a heavily used guitar has. It has certainly had its fair share of repairs, but it is currently in need of no other work, plays beautifully, and is structurally up to muster. The guitar arrived at Folkway in its current condition. We have not done any of the repairs to this 000-18.

Scalloped-braced red spruce top, mahogany back and sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, tortoise celluloid pickguard and body bindings. Newer bone nut and saddle, 1960's Grover G-98 tuners.

The top has a few repaired cracks: one below the bridge near the center of the top, another located ˝" away from the treble edge of the fingerboard, and a small crack along the inside margin of the pickguard. The back has no cracks. The guitar's treble side has had a 4" wide section replaced immediately adjacent to the tail-block, and there's a crack through the block and the sides at the end-pin that appears to have been repaired at the same time as the side. There is obviously refinish in that area and overspray on the sides adjacent to the repair. There is no refinish or overspray anywhere else on the guitar's body or neck, although the remainder of the guitar's original finish has been very heavily worn. The back of the neck has had all its finish worn clean-off (it feels amazing, needless to say). The headstock finish is damaged from rhinestones that once bejeweled it.

The guitar's original braces are intact and in good condition. There are a few braces that have been reglued well, but none have cracked. The bridge and bridge plate are replacements.

A very fine sounding guitar with less overtones than an unmodified 000-18, and more clarity and fundamental presence. It's an excellent flatpicker, with high headroom and a very good balance between the strings.

Full-height bone saddle, action set at 4-6 64ths at the 12th fret. 24.9" scale, 1-3/4" nut width.

With hard shell case

Click HERE for our hi-def video feature of this 000-18

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