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1935 Martin 0-17T

Serial # 60224. A delightful 30's tenor guitar, built during the best era at Martin. The guitar is in remarkably fine condition and is completely original but for a new bone saddle installed by us. Playability is excellent as well, thanks to a recent neck reset and our shop's set-up.

We tune our tenor guitars to octave mandolin tuning (GDAE), which brings out more of the warmth, low end, and overtones the instrument has to offer. This guitar has a clean fundamental, excellent upper mid-range presence, and a beautiful sustain. It has a throaty mid-range when hit hard, and pretties up under a lighter attack.

0-size mahogany body with X braced top, factory original pickguard, and small rectangle bridge. 23" scale neck with original bar frets, 1-7/32" ebony nut, and clipped-plate Grover tuners.

The guitar is crack-free with the exception of a nearly invisible line at the pickguard's edge. Finish is gorgeous, with lots of original shine, and the guitar is unmodified but for the neck reset. There is a small filled hole in the neck's heel-cap from a removed strap button, but no other flaws of note. No repairs or reglued braces; original bridge plate is in excellent condition, and original bridge pins are nicely fit.

With its original chipboard case, this 0-17T is a particularly lovely find.

Shipping into the USA?

Sending this guitar to a US address is easy to do, and there are no import fees, taxes, or duties to pay when it arrives. We take care of everything involved in shipping -- all you have to do unpackage the instrument when it arrives and play!

Questions? Email us anytime, or call us toll-free at 1-855-772-0424.

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