Museum: Gibson Guitars

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1963 Gibson GA30RVT Invader

One of the more unique amplifiers that Gibson produced during the 1960’s the GA30RVT featured 12” and 10” Jensen speakers, reverb and tremolo, and about 25 watts of power. Gibson ran the reverb after the pre-amp section in this era of amplifiers, which resulted in a particularly unique reverb that added grit when turned up. Rather than the reverb control acting as a wet/dry mix, the dial acts like a reverb volume control, with its own tube overdrive setting in at higher volumes. Beyond that, a player can turn the main volume right down, and listen only to the signal through the reverb circuit – which has the effect of something you’d hear in Neil Young’s ‘Dead Man’ film soundtrack.

The amp has its original speakers and transformers, and has seen basic servicing over the years. It works well and sounds incredible. Plenty of clean power and headroom under the hood if you want it, or kick on the reverb and trem and trip out on what this amp is famous for.

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