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1997 Klon Centaur Overdrive Pedal

Serial # 1152. In the world of boutique guitar pedals, few effects have created the air of mystique and reverence that surrounds the Klon Centaur.

When Bill Finnegan first released this pedal in 1995 he unleashed a legend upon world of electric guitar tone that few have equalled. From Nels Klein to Ed O'Brien to James Hetfield, it's an Overdrive pedal that has found its way onto the effects boards of some of the most prominent guitarists working in the industry today.

This particular unit is dated 1997 and arrived in our new Waterloo shop by way of the original owner. It shows little signs of wear and tear from its 15 years of existence and includes the de rigeur layer of black epoxy over the guts of the pedal to disguise its magical secret.

A subtle stomp-box that produces a transparent boost, warm overdrive tones and a singing decay, it is a pedal that any guitarist should love to have as part of their stable of effects.

One of the bonuses of working in a guitar store is that when an item of this pedigree comes through the shop you get to plug it in and give it a try.

Our consensus?
By Zeus, this Centaur sings!

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