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Late 50's Kay 6550

Serial #L1319. Kay's answer to Gibson's ES-125D, the 6550 featured a 16" full-depth hollow body, sunburst finish, Kay 'Speedbump' pickups, and four-knob controls. Call it the poor-man's ES-125 if you like, but the 6550 holds its own well. The Speedbump pickups are similar in tone to Gibson's P-90s, but with a lower output and slightly less pushy mids, making them excellent blues and jazz units.

The guitar is in great condition with just a few minor wear marks. It's set-up nicely and works well, but its interactive takes a little getting used to! Excellent frets, round neck, 1-5-8" nut and 25.75" scale.

With chipboard case

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