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1959 Fender Statocaster

Serial number 47787. Body date of 12/59; Potentiometer codes of 3085948 (48th week of 1959). No neck dating, indicative of Fender necks dating from 1959. Here's a one-owner early Slab-board Strat in gorgeous condition, and with pretty much no fade to the reds in the body finish. The rosewood slab fingerboard was introduced in mid 1959, but replaced just three years later by the curved board that was used until 1980. The thick rosewood darkens the overall tone of the strat, and as a result these instruments are especially prized by players.

This guitar is in excellent condition and is nearly 100% original. There have been no repairs or alterations to it with the exception of replaced pickups. Currently the guitar is fitted with Fender 57/62 Strat pickups, which sound perfectly Stratty and meaty. We can't say why the originals were replaced, and the guitar's owner was unaware of the alteration, and the pickup covers are original to the guitar. All the other electrical components are original and untouched. The finish is in excellent condition as well, but with a spot of buckle rash on the back, and a small case-rash on the treble horn. Neck finish is perfect, with virtually no wear. Frets show light to moderate even wear but are quite useable, and the in-shop set up feels just right. Weiging in a 7lbs, 4oz, this is a perfectly balanced lightweight guitar. Although not pictured with the guitar, the original trem arm is included.

With original brown Tolex hardshell case (first year issue)

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