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1965 Fender Stratocaster

Serial # L99887, neck date of August 2nd, 1965. Pickups dated 8-31-65 (neck and bridge) and 9-8-1965 (middle). Pots all date 14th week of 1965. Sunburst finished Alder body, white pickguard and plastic, B-profile neck with curved Brazilian rosewood board, transitional logo with 4 pat. numbers, and double-line Kluson tuners. 1965 doesn't get much better than this, folks. A no-excuses guitar, this sunburst Strat is an unmodified and super-clean example of what Fender was up to in the middle of their first CBS year. The L-series serial number on this guitar is the 112th last one, which by popular standards would make this instrument pre-CBS, even though the buyout actually happened some 8 months prior to its completion. The guitar has a combination of transitional features, including small headstock, 4 patent number transitional logo, Brazilian board, white pickguard, and Bakelite CRL 1452 3-way switch. And apart from a replaced backplate this guitar is 100% stock, original, and perfect. We're talking solder joints, saddles, nut, strap-buttons, finish, frets, trem-arm... everything. Only slight finish wear on the neck, and a very small assortment of minor dings on the body. Excellent frets, setup and playability. Pickup DC values of 5.7 (neck), 6.3 (middle), and 6.1 (bridge); and a respectable 8.2 pounds total weight. Whether you're a player, collector, or both, this is one that certainly deserves your attention. It's the finest vintage Strat we've ever offered, and cleaner than 99 % of those on the market today.
With original hard shell case, of course.

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