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1964 Fender Jazzmaster

Serial # L45091, neck date of June 4, 1964, pots coded 19th and 21st weeks of '64. 100% original and unmodified. The Jazzmaster was introduced in 1958 and took over the top spot on Fender's pricesheet. The instrument never really favored well with the Jazz players for whom it was supposedly designed, but instead became the official guitar of all things Surf. Don Wilson of the Ventures, and Elvis Costello are noted Jazzmaster players. This example, dating from mid 1964, is a two owner instrument and a very fine specimen. Apart from the finish that's been worn off the back of the neck and from the usual player-wear spots on the body, its in top shape. All solder joints are original, there are no changed or modified parts, the frets are evenly but mildly worn, and the set up is spot on. The case and original strap are in fine shape too. 7 lbs 14oz, pickups read 7.7k and 7.8k.
With original hardshell case and Strap

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