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2008 Fender LTD ED. Reverse Proto Strat

Serial # SZ4098100. One of only a hundred made by Fender Custom shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka. The original Reverse Proto was designed in 1979 and is significant as it was the first Artist instrument to come out of Fender\'sshop. Although Jimi Hendrix had died a decade or so earlier, the Reverse Proto was inspired by his white late 1960\'s Strat, and featured the reverse headstock Hendrix made famous, although this time, mated to a right handedbody. The guitar never did see production, as the Hendrix estate did not offer their support, and with the exception of a small number of prototypes the proto was shelved for good.

Stevie Ray Vaughn had one though - forever guaranteeing a place in Fender history and Folklore. Today, John Mayer (an SRV and Hendrix fan, himself) is the model\'s most notable proponent; his own original \'79 Reverse Proto was used as the blueprint in the recreation of the modelThis Reverse Proto Stratocaster Master-built guitar features a two-piece select alder body with a vintage white finish that has been given the \"Closet Classic\" treatment-built as if bought new in its respective modelyear, played maybe a few times a year and then carefully put away. It has a few small dings, a mildly checked finish, lightly oxidized hardware, and aged plastic parts.

The one-piece maple neck has a reverse, late \'60s-style large headstock with the word \"Proto\" stamped on the back and \'70s F tuning machines. Features include a matching belly-cut contour on the front of the body, a \'70s-stylecast bridge with cast saddles, three Custom \'69 grey bobbin single-coil pickups, a late \'70s-style thin black-and-gold serialized logo decal, and early \'80s-style \"F\"-stamped neck plate with black plastic gasket. It comeswith a limited-edition black hardshell case, special Custom Shop limited edition certificate, and DVD interview with Master Builder Dennis Galuszka.

The guitar is in AS-NEW condition, and is well set up.

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