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1964 Fender Jaguar

Serial # L38612. Neck date 1-Oct-64, pots date to 21st week of '64. Introduced in '62 and occupying the top spot on Fender's pricelist, the Jaguar featured a shorter scale length than the Jazzmaster, and more complex switching for a dizzying array of tonal options. It was also the very first Fender to be fitted with the fatter "Transition" logo, and a 22 fret neck. This late 1964 example is in tip-top shape and completely original. All solder joints are intact, no parts have been changed, and the finish has not been altered. Original frets show very little wear, and apart from some minor dings on the body and mild wear on the back of the neck, the guitar looks a lot younger than it is. Its missing trem arm is the only strike against it that we can find. Set-up in shop, the guitar is ready for whatever you'd like to throw at it.
With original case

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