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1966 Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo

1966 Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo. Serial # FH2880. One of the more iconic vintage electrics of the 1960's is the Fireglo Rickenbacker 330. With its crescent moon double-cut body, sharp looks, and unique tone, there's really nothing else like it. Pete Townshend and Tom Petty might be the model's best spokesmen, but with bands like The Byrds to U2, the 330 has left its sonic mark on rock history.

This example dates from mid 1966, and has survived the years in remarkable condition. No changes or modifications, gorgeous original and unworn Fireglo finish, and very little playwear, make this one extra appealing. Toaster pickups sound super, and the guitar is a blast to play. Nicely set up in our shop, too.

With leatherette gigbag

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