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2007 Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster

Serial # R7717. At 7.3 pounds, this is one lightweight slingshot of a guitar! The Custom shop Fender '51 NoCaster is a mighty instrument. The "New Old Stock" build process recreates the original Broadcaster/NoCaster down to the finest detail thanks to the use of Fender's original tooling from the early 1950's. The pickups are custom NoCaster/Tele issues, and the original blend-pot wiring was used to make it all sound just right. Chunky U-shaped maple neck, nitro-cellulose lacquer finish, single-ply polished black pickguard, and heavily knurled flat-topped domed knobs, just like the originals. In nearly new condition, the guitar's only flaws are a couple of minor dings -- one on the body, and the other on the neck. Original strap and some of the original paperwork accompanies the guitar. With original Fender deluxe molded plastic hardshell case.

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