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1965 Fender Stratocaster

Serial # L90865. A transitional guitar, this sunburst Strat is built of a mix of pre and post CBS parts. Black-bottom pickups and a late '63 neck with clay-dots and spaghetti logo are at the heart of the instrument and predate the sale of Fender to CBS, while the guitar's body, plastic parts, and pots are all 1965 issue. A tremendous Strat, the guitar sounds perfect, with excellent balance between the pickups as well as between the strings. A very 'Straty' Strat - if you can imagine - round, fat, and clean, lots of hop and pop, strong sustain, and particularly rich.

Three-tone sunburst finished alder body, all original plastic but for the back-plate; original bridge, saddles, jack-plate and jack. Bridge and middle pickup are black-bottom originals, neck is a matching replacement. DC resistances are 5.8, 5.8, 5.9 kOhm (neck to bridge). Bridge pickup appears to have been removed for wax-potting; the hot lead wire has been spliced. Original tone circuit pots and cap, newer volume pot and switch, with the second tone knob wired to affect the bridge pickup (instead of the middle).

Neck date of 2 Oct 63, curved rosewood board with clay dots, newer frets, original logo and Kluson double-line tuners. Neck was professionally over-sprayed a long time ago and looks great; the untrained eye wouldn't likely notice. Body finish is 100% original and unaltered. It shows minor belt wear on the back, and assorted dings and dents throughout as shown in the photos below.

With its '63 neck carve, 8.0 lb weight, springy feel, lively sound and black-bottom pickups, this Strat is a player's dream.

With hardshell case

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