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1961 Kay Pro Series Model 1993

Move over Stratotone! This Kay 1993 is one of the sexiest budget-brand electrics built before the Berlin Wall. Its nickel hardware, white plastic appointments, and half-checkerboard binding all set off brilliantly against the black lacquer finish, giving this guitar a to-die-for esthetic. Near mint, completely original, and perfectly playable thanks to unworn frets and a loving set-up by our shop. With its hollowbody construction, three pickups, 4-way switching, and individual volume and tone controls, the guitar has more than a few signature sounds. That said, its clear, round, and warm neck pickup tone is naturally predisposed to the blues, while the bridge can twang out some great rockabilly noise. The truss-rodded neck has a chunky round feel, a nut width of 1-11/16" and a short 24.25" scale. The figured rosewood fingerboard is bound in white, and features pearloid block markers. Original Kluson tuners work well, frets are true and level, and pickups are well balanced. One of the finest Kay solidbodies we've come across. With original two-tone chipboard case

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