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1958 Gretsch 6120

There are not too many things better than an unfaded Filter'tron-equipped late 1950's Gretsch 6120 in our books; and this guitar is all that and then some! Its finish is bright and bold, its electronics are factory original and in perfect working order, and with the exception of a changed nut, newer frets, and a few screws, the guitar is completely original.

1958 was a transitional year for the 6120. Guitars from that year have blank-cover Filter'trons, two switches on the upper bass bout, no zero fret, and a shorter square-end bar bridge than what followed. The Gretsch V Bigsby wasn't introduced until 1959, and this guitar is fitted with its original Bigsby tailpiece.

With plastic parts that are all intact and uncracked, a good factory original neck angle, original hardshell case, and some of the best vintage Gretsch looks imaginable this one is hard to beat.

The guitar has been extensively checked over and set-up by our resident Gretsch guru (everyone should have a Gretsch Guru, I should add). Pots date to the 18th week of 1957 and the solder joints are all original. Frets have been replaced, and really should be replaced again to get the guitar's playability up to snuff. The serial number has been scratched out, unfortunately; but the guitar's previous owner of 30 years attests to have bought the instrument just so in the early 1980's, and has provided documentation to support this.

The instrument is accompanied by its original white and black hardshell case, and we've thrown in a real clean 1960's tooled leather original Gretsch strap for good measure.

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