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1967 Fender Precision Bass

Serial #215352. Neck date of Oct. 5th 1967, pots dated mid 1966. When Leo Fender first brought the Precision Bass to market in 1951, it would have been impossible for him to guess the impact that it would have on the world of music. Scour the photographic records of music history and you will see it used in genres as diverse as Funk, Blues, Reggae, Punk and Soul just to name a few.

This one owner "P-Bass" came to us in excellent condition and as original as it was when purchased new back in 1967. Weighing in an incredibly light 8 lbs. 8 oz., it shows very little fret wear and has its original pickup and bridge covers, wiring, and kidney button tuners. The only battle scars it has endured during its life are a few minor dings and a name lightly written in ballpoint pen by the bridge. 100% original, including all solder joints. It gave us pains to unscrew the neck and pickguard for the first time in 45 years, but we did it so you don't have to!

with original hardshell case, and patchcord.

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